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Take only what you or your loved ones will really need to your new home. Put the rest in a PODS® container and we’ll keep it safe in our secure Storage Center. We’ll deliver a container to your home and you load it at your own pace. We can even help arrange for a crew to assist you or introduce you to a senior moving professional. When you’re done, call us and we’ll pick your container up to store it until you’re ready to go through your belongings in more detail.

Get to know your new surroundings and develop your new routines. When you’re ready, call us to deliver your PODS® container so you can sort through your items.

We can have your container delivered to your new home, to a relative’s home or even to a charity of your choice. Take as long as you want to go through your PODS® container. We’ll come back when you’re ready.

What to keep? What to store? What to give away?
Your belongings are more than just objects… they are full of cherished memories and you deserve all the time you need to sort through them. With PODS’ Exclusive Silver Service you can now answer the most important questions first and let us help you with the details later.

National Association of Senior Moving Managers

The National Association of Senior Moving Managers (NASMM) is the leading membership organization for Senior Move Managers.

PODS and NASMM have formed a cooperative partnership when it comes to assisting in senior transitions. NASMM is the leading membership organization for Senior Move Managers and is recognized for its quality membership and expertise in senior move management, transition and relocation issues affecting older adults.

For details call NASMM at 877-606-2766 or visit their web site:

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